The Procedure of the UN Security Council, 4th Edition is available at Oxford University Press in the UK and USA. 

The Procedure of the UN Security
Council, 4th Edition

ISBN: 978-0-19-968529-5


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CHAPTER 1: Section 4 Changes

Why are the Council’s Rules of Procedure still ‘Provisional’ and what does that mean in pratice?

12 September 2019

In the debate on Security Council reform, much has been made of the fact that the Council's Rules of Procedure are still entitled “Provisional”.  This, to some UN Member States, preserves an unnecessary level of uncertainty as to the Rules’ validity.  However, the reason for retaining the word “Provisional” has deep historical roots . . .

Which of the Council’s Rules of Procedure have been implicitly modified or suspended?

12 September 2019

Over the years, a number of minor Rules of Procedure have fallen into disuse or been informally modified in their application by the Security Council.  This article describes these rules and the current practice which has modified their application . . . 

Why was Rule 43 deleted from the Council’s Provisional Rules of Procedure?

9 June 2019

Although the procedural rules of the Security Council are numbered from 1 to 61, in fact there are only 60 of them.  That is because Rule 43 carries the notation “deleted” . . .

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