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Updated on 7 January 2015


Section 5:   Further documentation of procedures


Adoption of new procedural Notes

Argentina served as Chair of the Informal Working Group on Documentation and Other Procedural Questions in 2013 and 2014.  During that time, seven Notes by the President relating to the Council’s working methods were adopted.  Presidential notes S/2013/515, S/2013/630 and S/2014/268 have been described in the book on pages 15, 128 and 486. 


Among the four subsequent Notes by the President, Note S/2014/393, adopted on 5 June 2014, sets out practical measures for ensuring continuity in the work of the Council’s subsidiary bodies (see update posted under Chapter 8, Section 7 of this website for details).  Presidential note S/2014/565, adopted on 4 August 2014, addresses ways for improving intra-Council dialogue and collective responsibility among all Council members.  Presidential note S/2014/739, adopted on 15 October 2014, relates to the speaking order for Council members at formal Council meetings (see update posted under Chapter 5, Section 4 of this website for details).  Presidential note S/2014/922, adopted on 18 December 2014, sets out measures with regard to the Council’s official records (see update posted under Chapter 2, Section 2 of this website for details).



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