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Updated on 25 January 2020


Section 5:   Further documentation of procedures


Compendium integrating the nine present Notes by the President on Council working methods



On 27 December 2019, the Security Council adopted eight Notes by the President based on two years of negotiation in the Informal Working Group on Documentation and Other Procedural Questions (IWG), under the chairmanship of Kuwait.


In total, the eight new notes add twelve operative paragraphs on procedure to the 142 paragraphs previously set out by the Security Council in its comprehensive presidential note S/2017/507, thereby bringing the total of operative paragraphs to 154.  In addition, three of the notes (S/2019/993, S/2019/995 and S/2019/997) make textual amendments to S/2017/507.*  This degree of substantive change suggests that in the coming few years, the Council is likely to undertake drafting a new comprehensive note to incorporate the additional provisions introduced by notes S/2019/990 to 997, as well as any further advances in its working methods.


Pending adoption of a new comprehensive note, attached here is an unofficial compendium integrating, in a single document, all the new provisions introduced by notes S/2019/990-997 with the earlier comprehensive note S/2017/507.


(This update supplements pages 12-15 in the book.)


* In addition, six paragraphs in notes S/2019/993, S/2019/995 and S/2019/997 recall paragraphs in S/2019/507 in order to set the context for new paragraphs.



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