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25 August 2023


Section 5:   Further documentation of procedures


Compendium of the Council's 16 currently operative presidential notes on its working methods 

The two presidential notes on Council working methods adopted in 2023 with Albania as Chair of the Informal

Working Group on documentation and procedure, the five presidential notes on working methods  adopted in

2021 with Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as Chair, and the eight 2019 notes adopted with Kuwait as Chair,

when added to the comprehensive 2017 note adopted with Japan as Chair, bring the total number of operative

paragraphs in the currently valid 16 presidential notes on working methods to a total of 174.


Provided here is a Compendium melding together, by topic, the contents of all 16 notes . . .


(This update supplements pages 12-15 of the book.)



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