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The Procedure of the UN Security
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CHAPTER 2: Section 11 Changes

After several years of drift, is it time to rethink the “Arria-formula” meeting template?

15 June 2019

The trend away from the traditional attributes of Arria-formula meetings since 2012 has occurred so rapidly and completely that many UN Member States today are unaware of how radical the transformation has been . . .

Arria-formula meeting on Syrian human rights convened on short notice, to some complaints

19 March 2018

When a formal Council meeting on Syrian human rights failed to go forward owing to a procedural vote, four Council members convened an Arria-formula meeting shortly thereafter in order to hear the intended briefing by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights . . .

Summaries of “Arria-formula” meetings published as Security Council documents

2 June 2016

On 19 May 2016, the representatives of Angola and Spain transmitted to the Security Council President a summary of the “Arria-formula” meeting they co-hosted on 29 March 2016  . . .

No quorum necessary for “Arria-formula” meetings

26 Aug. 2015

On 19 March 2015, Lithuania hosted an “Arria-formula meeting on the human rights situation, media freedom and situation of the national minorities in Ukraine.  Council members Angola, China, the Russian Federation and Venezuela did not attend . . . 

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