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Updated on 4 October 2015


Section 2:   Formal public (open) meetings


Alternatives for distributing full texts of statements in the Council


The book notes on page 26 that when a large number of participants are inscribed to speak at a meeting, it has become routine for the Council President to declare that “Delegations with lengthy statements are kindly requested to circulate the texts in writing and to deliver a condensed version when speaking in the Chamber.”  The full written statements are made available in the area of the Council Chamber and on the press racks, and some participants post their full statements on their Permanent Mission website.  More recently, use has been made of social media.  For example, at the 17 September 2015 debate on the situation in Afghanistan, the representative of the Netherlands stated, “In view of time constraints, I will read out a shortened version of my statement.  The full statement will be available on Twitter.” (S/PV.7526)



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