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CHAPTER 3: Section 1—The President CHANGES

Viet Nam, joining the Council in 2020, will immediately serve as January Council President

22 December 2019

Given the complex matters on the Security Council’s agenda, coupled with its increasingly intricate procedures, coming up to speed is a daunting task for incoming elected members.  This is all the more the case when a new member serves as Council President in the very first month of its term . . . 

German Council presidency employs hourglass in new attempt to curb overly long remarks

5 April 2019

At a 3 April 2019 meeting on Haiti, the German Council presidency initiated use of an 18-inch wooden hourglass, the latest attempt in the Council to tame the inclination of speakers to continue well past the attention span of their listeners . . .

Unprecedented “twinned” Council presidencies of France and Germany portend risks and rewards

11 March 2019

Because of the alphabetical rotation of Security Council presidencies, those of France and Germany occur sequentially in March and April 2019.  Taking advantage of this coincidence, the two Council members decided upon a “jumelage” or “twinning” of their presidencies . . .

Syria complains that Council President refuses request to meet

12 December 2015

Because the Council’s programme of work for November 2015 included meetings on several issues which involve Syria, the representative of Syria reported that he had asked the Council President (United Kingdom) to meet with him for consultations . . .

Representatives who have served the most terms as Council President

13 September 2015

Ambassador U. Joy Ogwu is unique, in that she is the only permanent representative of an elected member to have represented her country during two different terms on the Security Council, 2010-2011 and 2014-2015, during which she has held the Council presidency four times . . .

‘Quiet diplomacy’ by the Council President and a sanctions committee Chair

24 December 2015

At a Council meeting held on 17 December 2015 (S/PV.7586), a briefing was given by the outgoing Chair of the sanctions committee established pursuant to resolution 1533 (2004) concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) . . .

27 August 2014

During its August 2014 Council presidency, the United Kingdom activated a flashing light system to signal speakers when they reached the limit of their allotted time, thereby encouraging them to conclude their remarks.

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