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CHAPTER 3: Section 10 Changes

In 1976, Waldheim wrote an unpublished letter on Lebanon citing Art. 99 but Council did not meet

31 October 2020

On 29 March 1976, Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim addressed an unpublished letter to the Security Council President on the situation in Lebanon in which he explicitly noted his authority under Article 99, but the Council did not convene in response . . .

How many times have Secretaries-General acted under Article 99 of the Charter?

4 September 2017

In the context of the 2016 appointment process, the incoming Secretary-General has been encouraged by some to make greater use of Article 99 of the UN Charter . . .

Writing to the Council about Myanmar, Secretary-General Guterres acts under Article 99

10 September 2017

The Secretary-General’s letter of 2 September 2017 to the Council President concerning the situation in Rakhine, Myanmar appears to be a very carefully worded initiative taken pursuant to Article 99 of the UN Charter . . . 

In the 1940s, True Comics published features on UN official Ralph Bunche and first Secretary-General Trygve Lie

10 June 2020

In the 1940s, True Comics published features on UN official Ralph J. Bunche and the Organisation's first Secretary-General Trygve Lie . . .

Security Council once again flags issue of geographic imbalance in appointing SRSGs

31 December 2017

In a letter dated 30 November 2017 responding to the Secretary-General’s intention to appoint Colin Stewart of Canada as his Special Representative for Western Sahara and Head of MINURSO, the Council President once again departed from the standard language used for acknowledging such appointments by citing Article 101(3) of the UN Charter . . .

Length and content of briefings by representatives of the Secretary-General

4 October 2015

As noted in the book, an issue of concern to a number of Council members has been the length and content of oral briefings by the Secretary-General’s representatives . . .

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