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Updated on 30 October 2016

Chapter 3:   THE PEOPLE

Section 4:   Regional and other groups


Council members which belong to the Non-Aligned Movement


Of the countries serving terms on the Security Council in 2017, only four are members of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM):  Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Senegal.  This is the lowest number of Council members belonging to NAM since 2010.  A high of eight Council members belonged to NAM in 2012. 


The NAM members serving on the Council since 2007 have been as follows:


2017 (4)   Bolivia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Senegal

2016 (5)   Angola, Egypt, Malaysia, Senegal, Venezuela

2015 (7)   Angola, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Venezuela

2014 (5)   Chad, Chile, Jordan, Nigeria, Rwanda

2013 (6)   Azerbaijan, Guatemala, Morocco, Pakistan, Rwanda, Togo

2012 (8)   Azerbaijan, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Pakistan, South Africa, Togo

2011 (6)   Colombia, Gabon, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, South Africa

2010 (4)   Gabon, Lebanon, Nigeria, Uganda

2009 (4)   Burkina Faso, Libya, Uganda, Viet Nam

2008 (6)   Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Libya, Panama, South Africa, Viet Nam

2007 (7)   Congo, Ghana, Indonesia, Panama, Peru, Qatar, South Africa


(This update supplements page 146 of the book.)


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