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Updated on 12 December 2015


Section 3:   Agenda and Summary Statement of matters of which the Council is seized


Statement in meetings that the Council “remains seized of the matter” discontinued


Footnote 127 on page 240 of the book states that


“On occasion the President closes a meeting by declaring that the Council remains

seized of the matter.  The practice with respect to speaking this phrase is anomalous,

in that it is customary for the President to pronounce this after a resolution has been adopted pursuant to Chapter VII of the Charter and not otherwise, even if a

non-Chapter VII resolution has been adopted which explicitly states that the Council

will remain seized of the matter.”


In the year 2013, this practice became somewhat uneven, as some Presidents spoke the phrase after a resolution had been adopted pursuant to Chapter VII, while other Presidents omitted it.  Then, beginning with the Presidency of France in December 2013, the practice was definitively discontinued.  Nonetheless, while a President no longer states at the conclusion of a meeting that the Council remains seized of a matter, the practice of including that phrase in resolutions, as appropriate, continues.



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