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Updated on 1 November 2014


Section 6:   Motions, proposals, and suggestions


Adding co-sponsors after a vote on a resolution


It has long been the Council’s practice that no new co-sponsors can be added after a resolution has been put to a vote.  This practice, however, is not set out in writing, and therefore is subject to modification at the Council’s discretion.  At the summit on “Foreign terrorist fighters” on 24 September 2014, the Council President (US President Barack Obama), just prior to the vote on the draft which was subsequently adopted as resolution 2178 (2014), read out the names of 101 co-sponsors.  After the vote, statements were made by the Secretary-General and all fifteen Council members.  President Obama then informed the meeting “that we now have 104 sponsors”.  Obama seemingly gave the justification for keeping the opportunity to sponsor the resolution open after the vote when he added, “I think that it is worth noting the overwhelming interest and support on this issue” (S/PV.7272; the full list of the 104 co-sponsors can be found in document S/2014/688 of 24 September 2014).  (This update supplements pages 269 and 273 of the book.)


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