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Updated on 6 December 2014


Section 1: Formats of decisions


Agreeing outcomes at an informal gathering


The report on the Finnish Workshop held in November 2013 (S/2014/213) states that ‘three outcomes’ were agreed at the Workshop:  


(a) a meeting of the force commanders with the members of the Security Council would be arranged annually in June when they came to New York to see the Secretary-General; (b) a similar session would be held with police commissioners when they visited New York in November; and (c) it would become regular practice to have force commanders participate by video teleconference when Special Representatives of the Secretary-General briefed the Council. 


It is noteworthy that these outcomes relating to Council procedure were decided by the Council members at an informal, off-site gathering, and that the format for their publication was initially the report on the Finnish Workshop which was compiled ‘under the sole responsibility of the Permanent Mission of Finland’.  Outcome (b) was restated by the Security Council itself one year later, on 20 November 2014, when in paragraph 31 of its resolution 2185 (2014), the Council expressed “its intention to consider holding an annual meeting on policing issues with the Heads of United Nations Police Components”.  (This update supplements pages 374-376 of the book.)


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