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Updated on 6 September 2015


Section 7:   Letters by the Council President


Changes to peacekeeping deployments effected through exchanges of letters


In the book (page 428) it is stated that letters by the President have authorized changes in deployment or other measures affecting UN peacekeeping missions.  A recent example is that of two exchanges of letters between the Secretary-General and the Council President, dated 26 and 30 June 2015, and 20 and 24 August 2015, respectively.  Through these letters, it was agreed that a unit of Cambodian deminers serving in the UN Interim Force in Lebanon would be deployed to the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus, under the framework of inter-mission cooperation, to clear a hazardous area within the buffer zone.  The initial redeployment, as agreed in the first exchange of letters, was to last until early August 2015 (S/2015/494 and S/2015/495).  Owing to the complexity of the mine clearing operation, an extension until December 2015 was agreed in the second exchange of letters (S/2015/660 and S/2015/661).



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