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Updated on 25 September 2014

Chapter 8:  Subsidiary Bodies

Section 8:  Reporting by subsidiary bodies


SC subsidiary organs monthly calendar


Beginning in September 2014, upon the initiative of the Australia (at that time, an elected Council member), a ‘Tentative and provisional programme of work of the Security Council subsidiary organs’ is now posted on the ‘Subsidiary Organs’ page of the Security Council website:   This programme of work indicates both formal and informal meetings of the Council’s sanctions committees, counter-terrorism committees, and thematic working groups.  It also gives the dates for the submission of reports by groups of experts affiliated with these subsidiary organs.


This monthly programme of work, viewed together with the programme of work for the Security Council itself, gives a more comprehensive view of the Council’s overall workload, and enhances Council transparency vis-à-vis interested UN Member States, especially those directly affected by the decisions of a particular subsidiary organ.  The programme of work also allows individual Council members, especially those with smaller delegations, to plan in advance for their attendance at the various meetings scheduled.  In addition, the programme of work will be useful for incoming elected Council members to measure the level of activity of the Council’s subsidiary organs, so as to be better able to plan their staffing needs.  (This update supplements page 560 of the book.)





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