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Updated on 27 August 2014


Section 9: Regional and subregional organizations

(c): League of Arab States


Changed status of Special Envoy for Syria


After Lakhdar Brahimi resigned effective 31 May 2014, the Secretary-General announced on 10 July 2014 the appointment of Staffan de Mistura as his Special Envoy for Syria.  No public explanation was given as to why de Mistura would serve as envoy only of the United Nations, whereas both Annan and Brahimi had served as Joint Special Envoys of the UN and the Arab League.  However, the Secretary-General told a press conference that before making the appointment, he had consulted broadly, presumably including with the Arab League.  A UN press release stated that in addition to the appointment of de Mistura, "after consultation with Secretary General Nabil ElAraby of the League of Arab States, the Secretary-General announced today the appointment of Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy as the Deputy Special Envoy for Syria", a post which had not previously existed and which was not provided for in General Assembly resolution 66/253A of 16 February 2012 (press release SG/A/1480 of 10 July 2014).  (This update supplements pages 644-645 of the book.)


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