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Updated on 13 September 2015


Section 7:   Wrap-up meetings


A wrap-up meeting covering two Council presidencies


A public meeting held on 31 August 2015 marked the first time that a wrap-up meeting was held covering two presidencies, that of Nigeria in August 2015 and that of New Zealand in July 2015.  Although it was not announced by the representative of Nigeria, who presided over the meeting, that this was the case, the remarks of nine of the Council’s 15 members addressed matters taken up both during July and August 2015.  For example, the representative of Malaysia stated that, “Mindful that New Zealand had intended to hold a similar session during its presidency of the Council, my statement will also briefly consider the Council’s work in July.”  When the representative of New Zealand took the floor, he said that he would be commenting “on the Security Council’s work in August and in July, when we had our presidency.”  The other Council members which spoke about the Council’s work during both months were Chile, China, Lithuania, Nigeria, the Russian Federation, Spain and the United Kingdom (S/PV.7516).  (This update supplements pages 54-56 of the book.)



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