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Updates to Chapter 6 include new developments relating to the veto and statements made at the time of voting.




1. Substantive decisions and the veto   Updated on 2 Nov. 2022

2. Insufficient affirmative votes   Updated on 2 Apr. 2022

3. Procedural matters and the ‘double veto’  Updated on 24 Aug. 2022

4. Voting on the establishment of subsidiary organs

5. Voting on amendments   Updated on 1 Aug. 2018

6. Separate voting on paragraphs

7. Interruption of voting

8. Unanimity, consensus, and adoption by acclamation

9. Abstentions   Updated on 13 Jan. 2020

10. Non-participation in the vote

11. Absences

12. Finality of the voting process

13. Statements before or after the vote

14. Draft resolutions withdrawn or not brought to a vote

15. Reconsideration of texts not adopted

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