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Updates to Chapter 6 include new developments relating to the veto and statements made at the time of voting.




1. Substantive decisions and the veto   Updated on 24 Apr. 2024

2. Insufficient affirmative votes   Updated on 16 Oct. 2023

3. Procedural matters and the ‘double veto’  Updated on 1 Apr. 2024

4. Voting on the establishment of subsidiary organs

5. Voting on amendments   Updated on 1 Aug. 2018

6. Separate voting on paragraphs

7. Interruption of voting

8. Unanimity, consensus, and adoption by acclamation

9. Abstentions   Updated on 13 Jan. 2020

10. Non-participation in the vote

11. Absences

12. Finality of the voting process

13. Statements before or after the vote

14. Draft resolutions withdrawn or not brought to a vote

15. Reconsideration of texts not adopted

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