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CHAPTER 6: Section 3 Changes

Two procedural votes on the agenda during March 2024 raise several contentious issues

1 April 2024

On 25 March 2024, a procedural vote requested by France and the United States on holding a meeting

requested by the Russian Federation led to the meeting not going forward, and revealed strong disagreement

among some members over the relevant procedures . . .

Eight points on ‘preliminary question’ or ‘double veto’ in context of Iran snapback mechanism

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Eight points on ‘preliminary question’ or ‘double veto’ in context of Iran snapback mechanism
Posted on 16 August 2020

​There is presently widespread discussion on social media about the so-called ‘double veto’ and how it might impact on an attempt by the United States to initiate the snapback mechanism set out in resolution 2231 (2015) to reimpose sanctions against Iran.  Because this discussion has included some misunderstandings, this article provides some clarifications . . .

Patterns of Security Council procedural votes since 2000
Updated on 8 August 2023

Since the start of this millennium, 23 procedural votes have taken place at formal Security Council meetings, and there are signs that this may be an increasing trend: Since 2014, there has been at least one procedural vote per year except in 2021, with a high of four occurring in 2018. Five procedural votes took place in the first decade, and twelve in the second decade. Six have occurred so far since 2020 . . .

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CHAPTER 3: Section 4 Changes

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