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Updated on 6 December 2014


Section 5(b): Subsidiary bodies concerned with peacekeeping


Briefings by military personnel instituted


In addition to the now yearly meeting of the Security Council with force commanders of UN peacekeeping operations who come to UN Headquarters for an annual meeting with the Secretary-General, in 2013 the Council members decided thereafter to hold similar meetings with police commissioners who come to New York in November (S/2014/213 of 24 March 2014).  This decision was confirmed by the Security Council on 20 November 2014, when in paragraph 31 of its resolution 2185 (2014), the Council expressed “its intention to consider holding an annual meeting on policing issues with the Heads of United Nations Police Components”.  The Council has also decided to arrange for force commanders to participate by video teleconference when Special Representatives of the Secretary-General brief the Council (S/2014/213 of 24 March 2014).  (This update supplements page 505 of the book.)


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