CHAPTER 8: Section 5(b)—Subsidiary bodies concerned with peacekeeping CHANGES

On 50-year anniversary of Six-Day War, revisiting U Thant’s decision to withdraw UNEF

12 June 2017

Some of the articles marking the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War misrepresent the decision by the then Secretary-General U Thant to withdraw UNEF peacekeepers from the Sinai after Egypt withdrew its host country consent . . .  

6 December 2014

In addition to the now yearly meeting of the Security Council with force commanders of UN peacekeeping operations who come to UN Headquarters for an annual meeting with the Secretary-General, in 2013 the Council members decided...

Relevance of linguistic skills to UN peace operations

12 December 2015

The importance of relevant linguistic skills to UN peace operations has been recognized in certain Security Council resolutions . . .

Host country consent at issue with regard to UNAMID in Darfur

18 December 2014

In a letter to the Council President dated 1 December 2014, the representative of the Sudan underscored that his Government’s demand that the Security Council consider “the exit strategy of UNAMID” . . .

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