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Updated on 18 December 2014


Section 5(b):   Subsidiary bodies concerned with peacekeeping


Host country consent at issue with regard to UNAMID in Darfur

In a letter to the Council President dated 1 December 2014, the representative of the Sudan underscored that his Government’s demand that the Security Council consider “the exit strategy of UNAMID” was not in response to allegations of mass rapes in Tabit, but rather had been set out earlier during the Council’s deliberations on Darfur on 7 August 2014 (S/2014/863).  At that meeting, the Sudanese representative had reminded the Council that its resolution 1769 (2007) stipulated that the Council would consider the end of the UNAMID mandate when the situation had significantly improved.  He had then added, “Well, the situation has significantly improved. . . .  We are therefore already envisioning an exit strategy for the mission. . . .  Now it is important to consider a withdrawal strategy for UNAMID, in cooperation with the African Union” (S/PV.7238 of 7 August 2014).  (This update supplements page 506-508 of the book.)



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