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Updated on 19 December 2014


Section 1:  General Assembly


Consideration in the Assembly of the Security Council Annual Report

In 2012 and 2013, and in a number of years prior to 2011, the General Assembly considered the Security Council Annual Report in conjunction with the Assembly agenda item on Security Council reform.  In 2014, as had been the case in 2011, the two items were taken up separately by the Assembly.  In the debate on Security Council reform, held on 12 November 2014, forty-nine Member States took the floor, eight of whom were Council members (A/69/PV.49 and 50).  In the debate of 21 November on the Security Council Annual Report, only eighteen Members States took the floor.  The only Council members among them were the representative of Australia, presenting the Annual Report in his capacity as that month’s Council President, and the representative of Rwanda who, as President of the Council in July, had been responsible for drafting the report’s Introduction (A/69/PV.58).  (This update supplements page 588 of the book.)



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