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Updates to Chapter 8 include new developments relating to the bureaux of Council subsidiary bodies, communications from subsidiary bodies to the Council, and procedural aspects of the work of specific subsidiary bodies, including peacekeeping missions.




1. Military Staff Committee   Updated on 4 Oct. 2015


2. Peacebuilding Commission   Updated on 24 Jan. 2024


3. Subsidiary bodies concerned with Council procedure


    (a)  Committee of Experts


    (b)  Committee on Council meetings away from Headquarters


    (c)  Informal Working Group on Documentation and Other Procedural Questions   Updated on 7 Jan. 2015    


    (d)  Ad Hoc Committee on Mandate Review


4. Subsidiary bodies concerned with United Nations membership


    (a)  Committee on the Admission of New Members


    (b)  Committee of Experts established at the 1506th meeting concerning ‘mini-States’


5. Subsidiary bodies concerned with the maintenance of international peace and security   Updated on 25 Jan. 2016


    (a)  Fact-finding and other missions by Council members to the field   Updated on 1 Oct. 2020


    (b)  Subsidiary bodies concerned with peacekeeping     Updated on 12 June 2017


    (c)  Political missions and offices   Updated on 28 Feb. 2016


    (d) Subsidiary bodies concerned with the enforcement of international criminal law   Updated on 11 Jan. 2016


    (e)  Subsidiary bodies concerned with sanctions   Updated on 15 Sept. 2016


    (f)  Subsidiary bodies concerned with terrorism


    (g)  Delisting focal point and Ombudsperson


    (h)  Expert groups


    (i)  Iraq-related subsidiary organs   Updated on 12 Dec. 2015


6. Thematic subsidiary bodies   Updated on 29 Sept. 2016


    (a)  Informal Working Group on Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict


    (b)  Ad Hoc Working Group on Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Africa


    (c)  Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict


7. Appointment of bureaux of subsidiary bodies     Updated on 28 Jan. 2024

8. Reporting by subsidiary bodies   Updated on 15 January 2020

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