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Updates to Chapter 9 include new developments relating to relations between the Council and the General Assembly and the International Criminal Court, relations between the Council and regional organizations, and authorizations to States to carry out peace enforcement.



1. General Assembly

  (a)  Elections and appointments

  (b)  Threats to peace and security

  (c)  Special sessions of the General Assembly

  (d)  Jurisdictional issues between the Security Council and the General Assembly

  (e)  Coordination between Security Council and General Assembly Presidents

  (f)  Subsidiary bodies of the General Assembly

  (g)  Annual and special reports to the General Assembly (and also presidency assessments) Updated on 9 June 2024

  (h)  Financing peacekeeping operations

2.    Economic and Social Council / Human Rights Council  Updated on 18 June 2019

3.    Trusteeship Council

4.    International Court of Justice  Updated on 2 Apr. 2018

5.    United Nations agencies, funds, and programmes   Updated on 1 Mar. 2015

6.    International Atomic Energy Agency

7.    International Criminal Court   Updated on 11 Apr. 2015

8.    Special courts, tribunals, and investigative panels

9.    Regional and subregional organizations   Updated on 3 Nov. 2015

  (a)  African Union

  (b)  European Union

  (c)  League of Arab States   Updated on 27 Aug. 2014

  (d)  North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  (e)  Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

  (f)  Economic Community of West African States

10.  Authorizations to States to carry out peace enforcement   Updated on 2 Oct. 2023

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